Please Explain Youtube To Me?

I am still learning about Youtube. What a phenomenon. Most the books at the library about Youtube have to do with marketing. SO it is hard for me to read about it. It is pretty diverse, isn’t it? I didn’t realize that even young children host Youtube channels. That is kind of weird and scary to me since they should be outside playing (sorry, I am an old lady). So what REALLY is the point of it? Aside from a time waster, learning tool and a way to cheer yourself up (dog videos anyone?) – what is the POINT? Is there a point? Is it entertainment or a learning tool? There are gazillions of people from computer geeks to stay-at-home moms who share their info and experiences with you. But are these primary resources? Fact? Opinion? I guess the librarian part of me wants to get down to the bottom of this! We are facts kind of people.A fact about it -IT CAN BE SO ADDICTIVE! Is this what we call an ANOMALY? What do you think?!

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