Repurpose It!

Here’s how you can guess my age – by tracking my calendars over the years:

Written planner Palm Pilot written planner iPhone written planner


I have come full circle. What have we learned here? Digital technology is cool to try but paper is the most reliable. Also, I find it therapeutic writing dates and planning my schedule. My only issue with paper is, once the year is over, I have to shred my personal info and it then becomes waste. I may feel a bit guilty about this. I guess that is the big selling point of digital calendars.

At the end of the calendar year I try my best to repurpose parts of the calendar if I can. The thing that originally drew me to this calendar was the pretty floral designs. The outside cover was completely floral and each month had a cute floral banner on top. I was looking at them today and wondering how I could reuse them. Well, the first thing I did was rip the front and back cover off. Then I cut the small banners off the top of each monthly page. I realized they are just the right size for bookmarks. I ended up with so many I think I will bring them to work for patrons to have. Boy they sure are pretty! I thought maybe I would use the covers as mat board in a frame but I made those into bookmarks too!

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