More Home Decor

I was thinking about some of the other decor in our house and where it came from…

There’s a great mom & pop frame shop down the street from me. I frequented the place in college while working on my portfolio. Once in a while they’d show me some old (but still in good shape) frames they wouldn’t have the time to deal with. So I’d take them home and use them. The frame below was an ugly brown that I sanded and repainted this awesome coral. The piece we framed was the cover of an old GROSS book that was donated to the library. The librarian was going the throw it away because of mold. My husband loved the cover (which luckily was not moldy) so I cut it off before they chucked it. And VOILA!!!

This piece features my husband’s vintage lures. A friend of ours left for France and gave us these custom frames which once featured her art work. It took us a while to figure out what to do with them! My husband managed to display the lures in a rather clever way.

Finally – we have my coveted Alex & Ani bracelet. You’ve heard of them I’m sure. Well I wore my bracelet all the time, but it broke. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the charm because what it says means a lot to me since my husband gave it to me. So I took a piece of a paint sample paper I had and glued it on and framed it. Now it sits on my bedside table where I see if everyday.

So you see, no need to buy lots of stuff when you can use what you have at home! And it means a lot more than stuff from Target or TJMaxx.

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