I try to read or watch the daily news. I prefer the paper because images in print don’t blare as loudly as the TV. Sometimes I have to turn off the TV because the violence or harsh words are too much for me to handle. It seems the media never has any nice news stories to report. Mr. Rogers once told a story about his mother telling him to look for the helpers in scary times. I am drawn to people like that – kind people, helpful people and most importantly smart people.

I digress. Wasn’t this supposed to be a blog post about freedom? I work in a field where freedom runs rampant – a library. People are free to walk into the building and read WHATEVER THEY WANT. They are welcome to use the Internet however they want. They can hold a meeting in our community room and discuss whatever they want. WOW. I often think about other countries (we don’t need to mention any names) who run a tight ship. They don’t allow their citizens on social media and they have very limited access to the Internet. WHOAH. I am not sure I could live without Google or Youtube. I love being able to just hop on Youtube and look up videos by other users. I have learned to change my car air filter (saved big bucks there) and I have mostly learned how to be more self sufficient. Nice to have that freedom! Here’s a great exercise in freedom for you. Fill in the blank!

In this great country I am free to____________what I want: 


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