Reader’s Block?

Ever suffer from reader’s block? I am sure someone already coined the term. I have it hard core right now. I think I have checked out and returned 4-5 unfinished books to the local library. YIKES. Usually when I get in a funk like this I pick up a children’s book. Somehow it helps me get back on track. Maybe just reading a simple story with simple language is the trick? Not this time!

I started thinking about it and maybe now is the time to start writing again. If I’m not inspired by the words of others then maybe I should write my own. I dusted off my old thoughts notebook which contains the beginning of a book of my short stories based on my photographs.

I don’t think I could ever write a novel and certainly could never research and write a non-fiction book (unless it is a silly memoir like al the other celebs out there). I thought using my photographs for stories would be very me. They serve as inspiration but I fear might hold me back. Guess I won’t know until I get cracking!!


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