Wait JUST a Moment.

My husband loves to fish. I can’t say the same. I would prefer a hobby called catching where I would actually catch a fish instead of waiting for the fish. He loves the waiting game. I can’t stand it! That’s how you know what you are truly passionate about – you have the patience and interest to wait.

I love photography for the same reason my husband loves fishing. I could wait forever for just the right moment.

This little lady wasn’t in the mood to smile today. She was busy exploring (my kind of girl.) When mom was about ready to give up, I said how about 5 more minutes? We walked around the park and stumbled upon a planter with dead plants in it. The young girl took interest in it. I stepped across from her and started to run my fingers along the stiff branches of the plants. I jokingly yelped “OUCH OUCH!” She was unsure and a little taken aback by my action. Soon though, she mimicked me and before you knew it a smile spread wide across her face. SNAP! Got it. Always worth the wait.

I will try and post the real photos later when I have time. But for now, enjoy this little smile! What a doll.

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