So far I have found the time to record THREE Youtube videos. Ask me how many I have actually posted on……NONE OF THEM. If you know me, I am pretty amiable but I consider myself an introvert. I do suppose this explains why I love photography and writing so much – I don’t have to say anything OUT LOUD. After watching my quick clips I realize now I am much more eloquent at writing. Written passages and photographs really can speak for themselves and allow others to interpret the subject however they wish. Big safety net there, ay? But maybe this will be good practice to become a better speaker?! Who knows?! Just for fun, here are screenshots of the three videos. The dog has made an appearance more than once! I am not Italian but talk with my hands A LOT! And as for Youtube etiquette – do you look right into the camera the whole time?! One almost needs to take a class called Youtube 101! Until then, I shall try and improve!


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