Spring, I Do Not Like You

It’s almost the middle of March and we are expecting another snow storm.
Most people are cranky about this, including my husband. I get it – it stinks. But I DREAD the beginning of Spring. While I am longing for rising with the sun, coming home from work with the sun still out and of course warmer days, I still dislike Spring. Most other seasons I have something to look forward to – cozy blankets in Winter, hayrides in Fall or the salty air of Summer. But Spring – she is beast. Winter catapults me right into Spring and you know what I am greeted with – ALLERGIES, EASTER BUNNIES AND SHAMROCKS. Don’t get me wrong – I love being with the family at Easter and who doesn’t love a green alcoholic beverage but there is just nothing to look forward to!!! The season trots along with ugly, commercial merchandise!! It is everywhere! I hate the colored eggs, bunny rabbits and the sequined hats on leprechauns. And the worst part – I have to trade in all those snuggly winter sweaters for least favorite wardrobe – “the in-between” clothes. I’ll wear tank tops under sweaters and want to start wearing my sandals but alas it is not warm enough.

Ah, but the good news about Spring – my favorite farm store and ice cream shop open for the season. I do always try to look on the bright side!



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