Cleaning & Re-organzing

No resolution here, just something I do in every year in the Winter (because what else can I do, it’s FREEZING out there!!!!)

I’ve been tackling our disgusting medicine cabinet. Instead of spending tons of cash buying a new one, how about a good clean, fresh paper and some fun stickers/containers?

A few months ago, Michael’s store had this big fat book of awesome, thick scrapbook paper. It was on clearance for $4. It was a steal!!! I’ve used it to line most of my closets! It is slightly resistant to dampness, which is great. The stickers are from Hobby Lobby. They are slightly raised so they look better than just a plan sticker. The glass jar in the cabinet is formerly a candle from TJMaxx. It was so darn pretty I didn’t have the heart of get rid of it! So, I scraped the wax out and gave it a good wash – VOILA!

My husband’s canister is formerly a can of corn with yarn. It was my first try and obviously terrible, but he insists on keeping it (so sentimental is he!)

Anyway, stepping up to the medicine cabinet is SO pleasant now, and really makes our day better. Cost less than $10 to redo this!

Icky Before:


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