Snow Day & Bronchitis

Fierce snowstorm today! WOWSA! The whole town is home (save a few Dunkin Donuts since they never close!) Normally on a snow day like this, I’d be in the office or cleaning the house. Instead I am bed/couch-ridden and wasting away. Being sick is the pits! I sat up a little to read and mostly continued my Beverly Hills 90210 binge-watching session. I secretly take great delight in watching the show because I was forbidden from watching it when it was on TV – Dad’s orders. As an adult I can see why!!

I should be working on my book! A few days ago I got to typing up what I have handwritten so far (one story) and I was excited. Then Bronchitis swept in and knocked me off my feet. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve decided to write a book of short stories based upon some of my photographs. I’m still thumbing through my archives. I found the photos below and have been trying to come up with some ideas. They may be too personal for the book but who knows!

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