Can’t wait for the movie. Happy I took the time to reread this.

Big World Wide Web

I’ve decided it is time to VLOG (video blog). I am slowly getting a Youtube account set up and trying to figure out how to operate and edit video.  While I won’t be abandoning this blog, I might have to dedicate a bit more time to the VLOG. It is exciting and kind of scary!

As part of my research I have been watching LOTS of Youtube videos on various topics. I am shocked and surprised to see how many different topics are covered on Youtube! I must admit, my only Youtube experience was looking up HOW TO videos and maybe old music videos! There are women out there who invite you into their home and show you how to organize cabinets. There are girls showing you how to apply makeup. I was sure excited to see young ladies with Alopecia!! Boy I wish Youtube had been around when I was first diagnosed. It would have been nice to see a community of people just like me (and I could have used eye brow makeup tips!) I have also been watching clips of financial advice and travel videos of places we’d like to visit. WOW what a great resource Youtube is!!!

SO right now I am off to work on my very first VLOG! Stay tuned!


Life Long Student

Spent a good part of my Saturday making some pillows. It was exhausting. There was seam ripping, swearing and maybe some tears of joy. I hope someday I will be good enough to actually enjoy the process of sewing and the finished product. Until then, at least the dog likes them. What a mess!

Pop of Color

I am pretty sure a while back I mentioned using this awesome paper from Michael’s to line shelves. I wait until they have a 70% off rack.

Well here it is again in my pantry. I just love a pop of color. I will have to take a photo of the whole pantry sometime to show you what it looks like completed!

Before (zzz):

After (POP):