Hard Pill To Swallow

I heard about Cassie Jaye’s film when reading Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos. I am always interested in listening to both sides of any story. I love learning new things and I like to hear what people have to say. Movers and shakers can be very inspiring! I certainly have NEVER heard of anything like a men’s movement although my husband and I frequently discuss gender roles and how we reject any old fashioned notions of them. We are more concerned with having the freedom to do what we want.

This film was very interesting. I don’t want to give away the whole film, so please watch it. I will tell you the problem with this world and it was very clear in the film – NO ONE LISTENS. It’s ME ME ME.  If we listened to each other, we actually might UNDERSTAND what the other side has to say. The feminists say that the idea of the mother having to be the care giver is a patriarchal ideal . The men in the film are speaking about the fact have no rights when it comes to unexpected pregnancies and possession of their children after divorce because courts favor mothers as caregivers. Aren’t you guys talking about a similar issue here? Think about it for a second! Can we stop yelling at each other for a minute and maybe work something out? I was SO unimpressed with these feminists yelling profanities and sounding like complete clowns. I appreciate a person who calmly (and with dignity) gets their point across. Clearly you all need to work together as a team to combat stereotypes and old fashioned values. (Nothing wrong with having your old fashioned values but they can’t be forced on everyone!)

We can’t make blanket statements like men are stronger than women or women have it easier because…!  I would often get mad on the playground when the boys would say that men are always stronger and bigger than women. I would joke about putting a female Olympic athlete against an morbidly obese man in a race. Who would win? I think we know the answer.
I want the right to work hard and to learn. I have it. It’s been said the Information & Technology (IT) world is dominated by men. Maybe that is true in Silicon Valley? But not where I live. I am the I.T. person in my library and I am *gasp* a woman. I am lucky to work in a female dominated environment. Maybe that was to my advantage? When I attend meetings or classes for library technology most if not all of the technology people are WOMEN. I firmly believe that if you try hard enough, you can do anything, and you certainly won’t let anyone stop you.

It seems like a very hard job – filming, creating and editing an unbiased film. Jaye came close. I would have liked to hear more from female, men’s movement supporters and more from women who might not support the men’s movement but aren’t hardcore feminists.

I wonder what I’ll learn next!

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