Read Everything

Libraries are great. Do you know why? They buy everything regardless of what might be considered controversial simply because they believe everyone should have access to ALL information.

I always approach things with an open mind. This wasn’t as controversial as I imagined. I agree with some of his points about political correctness, but overall he was far too obnoxious in an attention-seeking kind of way instead of just writing a good argument. A good argument to me is the facts. That’s all I need. Spare me the theatrics. But I guess this is how you get attention these days. I would have taken him more seriously if he stopped calling himself a faggot and speaking about his sexual conquests.

I do like his point about haters fueling his fire! There is some truth to that.

Potential readers – you could really skip reading the whole book and just scan some of the chapters to get the gist.

Not offended. Not a hater. I’m slightly unimpressed.


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