Times Have Changed

It’s no secret I’ve always been an old soul. And I wondered at what age I would start to turn into that adult who hates teenagers and can’t understand the things people “do these days.” Well, I am in my mid 30s and haven’t quite hit THAT level yet, BUT I find myself getting a LOT more sentimental as I get older.

The local oldies radio station has been replaying Casey Kasem’s hit top 40 show on the radio all weekend. I am having such a blast listening!! This is making me think about the state of music “these days…”

I recall, as a kid, having a big boombox covered in stickers with a nice big handle. I carried it from room to room to listen to the radio. I thought that was the cat’s pajamas!! Wow, I could CARRY music wherever I went. Little did I know I would have an even more portable device the size of my hand to carry around while (ahem, a walkman not an iPhone! But that too!!) I remember my parents not wanting to spend too much money on cassette albums for me. And I remember wasting (according to my dad) a lot of my babysitting money on tapes. Dad bought me some blank cassettes so I might record my favorite songs off the radio and make a mixed tape. Enter Casey Kasem. That countdown always had every song I wanted! I faithfully listened every Sunday with my two pointer fingers on the PLAY and RECORD buttons so I could slam them down at the same time and record the beginning of the song (hopefully sans the DJ’s voice!)

While I enjoy being able to type in any song, title or artist into my smartphone and instantly listen, it makes me a bit sad. Is it really better to have everything at your fingers tips instantly? Remember being with your friends, and the group trying to hard to remember a particular song? We’d have to pull the tune or lyrics from the compartments of our brains! And if we were lucky to hear it on the radio later, we would rejoice!!!

Digital music makes it possible for me to replay all those oldies over and over and it is killing music for me. Instant gratifcation almost takes the joy out of it for me. I miss the excitement of the DJ announcing my favorite song next up, after “this ad from our sponsors.” It gave me something to look forward to!  I’d always be mad at the DJ if he or she faded the end of the song out early to talk.


My, my how times have changed. I blogged earlier in the year about trying to slow down time. I think part of this process should be easing my way out of digital. I’ve purchased a record player and avoid “Facebook  memories” by actually physically opening a photo album to look at REAL photographs of memories. Sometimes I even rifle through my keepsake box in the attic. Today I found the cards from my bridal shower and it reminded me of the lovely day I had with the family. I remembered what we ate and what I wore without even turning my phone or computer on. I don’t want to lose that skill; being able to retrieve memories from my brain. Digital is killing our brains. My internal library will never be digital!

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