Life’s To Do List

There will always be that kid who knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up. And then there’s that creative kid who thinks the world is so beautiful and wants to see it all.  You know that kid – he’s the little boy whose parent’s made him play baseball when he really just wanted to play at home. You’ll find him in the outfield, missing the ball because he is too busy studying the shapes of clouds, imaging a scene of dueling superheroes. I would file myself somewhere between the two. I’ve mingled in a few careers (if you could call them that) and I’ve enjoyed them all a little and some, a lot. But there have been two careers I’ve enjoyed immensely – art (photography) and the library. This makes me chuckle because those were my favorite school subjects too (aside from history and lunch of course!)

Both careers have lead me to read and write a lot. I read for work- to learn and for fun. I write this blog for fun and I’ve also been writing a column for the local paper. I would like to be an author, but who knows what that will take? I’ve always admired authors. How fascinating they can just make up a story in their heads, write it down and captivate people’s hearts, minds and imaginations. That is pretty epic to me.

I’ve received some lovely feedback about my blog and my column     (aside from my very biased mother). It has really got me thinking about taking writing more seriously. I saved a clipping from the New York Times book review by John Grisham with advice for writing a novel. At first it inspired me, then I freaked out, thinking about writing an entire novel. 300 pages?? Characters, a plot and a great ending?? No way. Then I got to thinking about what inspires me – photography. There is a lovely book at our library called the Doorbells of Florence  by Andrew Losowsky. It is a small book, maybe 4 inches by 6 inches. Each page contains a photograph accompanied by a short story. I thought it would be really interesting to use my photographs and write stories about them. Taking photographs and viewing them inspires me. It is one of the many things that helps me see the beauty in the world.

So now I face the fork in the road. I can take the easy route and keep writing for my blog or I can pay a visit to my photo archives, pick some photographs and get writing. I think my timing might be perfect. Fall is my favorite season and it is fast approaching. We are planning a trip to somewhere new and I may just find some inspiration there as well. As they say, it is now or never!