Is It All An Illusion?

I took this photograph today. One might guess it was taken in the 1960s or 1970s due to the vinyl records and film camera. This digital age is really playing on trick on us, isn’t it? We like vintage (or vintage inspired items) and our fancy phones allow us to apply filters that remind us of old photographs. What on earth are we thinking?! Are we pining for another time that is not ours? I wonder how my generation will be remembered. As I flip through TV stations and listen to music, I notice most shows or tunes are remakes or samples of older, popular ones from the 70s & 80s. Just last night I watched the Gong Show and my husband told me this show is a copycat of one on decades ago (see GONG SHOW).  SO will we be the copycat generation? The totally unoriginal generation? What a shame. Guess I will never know!

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