“….in a world where technology is rapidly replacing humans even in white-collar jobs, it’s no longer enough to be merely smart. Computers are smart. But no computer, however sophisticated, can yet be said to be curious.”

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The weather in New England has been pretty depressing. Considering it is Spring, this weather is far too damp, rainy and gray. I feel like I live in Seattle or England! This morning I walked the dog and the wind chill was about 42. Normally this time of year I can’t look down because I am always gazing at the sun and blue skies. Even my photographs are sad! I am searching for color where I can find it but this isn’t very inspiring at all.

I just finished listening the audiobook by Elizabeth Warren called This Fight is Our Fight. It was not very uplifting as she mentioned everything that is wrong with this country including specific stories of families losing their jobs and of course the POTUS who is quickly ruining everything in the country from finances to health care among many other things. I was hoping the last chapter would be more uplifting, but alas it was not. It made me sad about our country and a little hopeless. I didn’t end the book on a happy note.

Luckily I read more than one book at at time. The other book I finished last night is called Crossing the Bamboo Bridge by Mai Donohue. It was much more inspiring than Warren’s book and, after thinking about it for a long time, I realized they are very opposite views of the USA and the world. Donohue shares with us her life story, including her arranged marriage at age 14 and her escape from a lifestyle she really didn’t believe in. As a child she was not allowed to finish school and her passion for reading was constantly squashed by her mother. This woman triumphed over so many obstacles. She came to the United States and eventually earned her GED, associates & bachelor degrees. It took her almost twice as long as a typical student, but she never gave up. This is one of thing qualities of America that I do admire – hard work.

I think it the next book I read needs to be mindless or very uplifting!

Finally got my hands on a copy!!

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Look for Color

This New England weather is enough to bring a girl down! But still I try my best to seek out a little color here and there to brighten the day!