35th Birthday

As I think about birthdays past, I realize my priorities have changed greatly. When we’re little we want all the children from school to share in our big day and we wish for many, many cool presents. Now that I am an adult (according to my license anyway) I find birthdays a nice excuse to take the day off from work and do something meaningful. I would never consider taking a personal day before, but I’ve been at my current job quite sometime, and feel senior enough to do it. Last year I told my husband the only thing I wanted to do was visit the local animal shelter and pet the cats. And that is exactly what we did.

This year all I wanted to do is play the piano. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. We don’t own a piano and my parent’s piano is SO out of tune that it is unpleasant to play. I decided to use the piano at the Providence Public Library. Yes, you read that right, a library has a piano to play, for free. We planned a morning of walking downtown and stopping by shop local shops and bookstores. A stop at the Arcade prompted a mini research session at the library with a very knowledgeable librarian.

This girl’s idea of a romantic, relaxing birthday – music, shopping and getting lost in the stacks of a bookstore with her love. Can’t beat it.

PVD donuts for breakfast! Local milk?! Yes please!

Perusing Craftland and Homestyle RI shops!

Symposium Bookstore

Cellar Stories Bookstore

The Arcade

(Vintage items from Carmen & Ginger!)

Providence Public Library