Thank You and Goodnight.

I like to think I spend a normal amount of time on social media, but what is that really? Twice a day? On lunch break and after dinner? Right before bed? Right when you wake up? I already consider it far too much time. Granted some of that is reading articles posted by Time, Wall Street Journal or posts from other libraries. I might learn a thing or two. But still, there is a whole world opportunity out there that I am missing while I scroll through the feed!

I am embarking on a new journey. I am quitting (most) social media cold turkey. I have already closed my Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts. I have even banished Linkedin. Their site promises connections for employment but it was more like other people stalking my resume! Not a fan. SO now what? Well, let me tell you, my morning routine is so lovely! I have so much time on my hands! I had NO idea how much time I wasted on social media in the morning!! What is most interesting though, is the muscle/brain memory of it all. Up to THREE DAYS after I quit social media, my fingers and thumbs still travelled the path across the screen to the folder labeled “social media.” Creepy!! How amazing these social media apps have literally taken over our brains!!

(Thanks to for the image!)

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