Our First Yard Sale


Well, we survived our first yard sale! Everyone said it would be awful, but I had a good time. This past winter I read up on Minimalism which inspired the idea of a yard sale. And while it is totally inspiring, it just not for me (see my previous posts about it!) But it certainly helped us decide what to get rid of! My husband and I cleared out the attic, the garage, our clothes, shoes etc. Because we live in such a small area we asked my parents if they’d lend us their driveway for the day. We hauled close to 20 boxes of stuff to my parent’s place, unpacked them and placed them on tables. I wasn’t terribly hopeful about making money, but we still ended up with a decent amount of cash! But that was all due to lots of preparation.

If you know me, then you know before I start anything new, I read about the subject compulsively. I’ve been on Pinterest and several blogs trying to get all the information I needed from how much money to have on hand to where to advertise. I had this whole thing planned out at least a month in advance. I made the signs, priced and packed it all up and left it in the attic. I even arranged with the local thrift shop about a drop off immediately after the yard sale. And boy I am glad I planned ahead because without the planning it would have been 10 times MORE work than it was!

As far a getting the word out, we ended up skipping the local paper and used Craigslist and Facebook instead. We had neon signs all over from the Dollar Tree and were very clear about early birds – HELL NO! Still, we had a few! The first person to visit was an antiques dealer and then someone looking for jewelry, gold or coins. We had no such thing or even big ticket items. They were turned away immediately. Sorry fellas!  We held the sale from 8am-2pm. We had lots of visitors for the first hour or so, then stragglers until lunchtime. Very few hagglers, which was so nice!!! I promised myself no haggling would be allowed until later in the morning since there was potential for more people and it WORKED. So glad.

As the day went on my husband and I kept consolidating the tables so towards the end of the day we could fold up the tables and get them ready to be put away. By 11a.m., if the cheapest items weren’t selling, we set them on the wall labeled FREE which I think drew in more people, which was great! As time went by I tried to arrange similar items to entice people at the top of the driveway. Seemed to work. The most popular items belonged to my husband! I cannot believe it. I thought for sure most visitors would be women but we had LOTS of men who were interested in fishing poles, hardware and tools!

Mom and Dad threw in some items like our old croquet set, tools, bikes and hula hoops. We were happy to learn throughout the day that some people were taking items for local schools and churches. Also a mom came down and took our table for her son who was moving out on his own for the first time. Those were the groups I really hoped could benefit from our items.

Well, we finished up by 2pm, exhausted and sunburned. We learned a few things like we might actually consider doing it again someday! The only thing that really didn’t go were designer shoes and clothes, which, funny enough, I thought would be the first thing to go! Oh well! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!




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