I’ve said it many times – nothing beats walking. Walking is great for your health (physical and mental) and you never know what kind of photographic opportunities you might just find!

(Juniper Hill Cemetery, Bristol, RI)


All I Need Is…

Rain Rain Go Away…

I think this photo describes how the entire household feels about the weather….

Top Gun

I heard Top Gun 2 is in production. I decided to watch the film with my husband. It’s been years since both of us have seen it. We will file this movie under “great soundtrack, awful movie.”

Be Prepared.

Most of the time, when it comes to spending money, I tend to obsessively research a company or product so I can be prepared for checkout. I will even wait for sales or coupons. My due diligence really paid off today. I decided, spur of the moment, to have a pedicure at a local establishment. I haven’t been there in a while, and I don’t normally go without a gift card. I went on their website and it stated their basic pedicure costs $30.00. I took with me enough money for the service and a 20% tip (yikes, that is high, but you haven’t seen my feet!). When I sat down in the chair, the clerk handed me a paper with a tier of options for pedicures. The cheapest on the list was $45.00. Hmm, I thought that was odd. I read the paper carefully, turned it over and did not see the $30.00 option. I waited then asked the woman if the $45 package was the basic. She paused, then said to me that the basic is $30.00. I told her I would like the basic, $30.00 pedicure. So essentially they presented me (assuming I did not know about the basic) the more expensive options and potentially could have gotten $15 more from their supposedly unknowing customer. I am glad I am not the personality type who is afraid to ask questions.


Ask questions.
Save your hard earned money.


Always tough getting the kids to smile..and by kids I mean the DOG.


Mickey Mouse appears everywhere in my life!