Month: March 2017

Finally, Placemats!

With a little guidance from my mom, I finally finished our crazy paisley place mats!

Four is Fun!

Photographed this little guy today. Photographing children never gets old!

Retrogression Continues

  I wandered into the Time Capsule store in Seekonk, Massachusetts today. I was hoping to get a good record, if not, I figured I’d leave with a Betty & Veronica comic! Turns out they have a pretty big collection of records! I picked… Read More

Death of the Malls?

It seems that every time I peruse the news headlines, I see articles about the end of shopping malls.  I belong to a generation whose Friday night plans included begging our parents  to drive us to the mall, meeting up with friends, window shopping… Read More


I was in need of an office supply holder. I couldn’t find anything in stores or online so I asked my husband to make me one! I designed this and he made it! What a guy!  

This book is amazing.

Multipurpose, always

I am kind of obsessed with using one item multiple ways. It isn’t always easy or possible. I was shopping for a box (without a top) to store our living room items in. I fell in love with this one, even though I… Read More


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am so overwhelmed!! As a consumer, I find there are FAR too many options out there. There are so many big box stores who offer the same thing.  Watching the news,… Read More

Adults are No Fun.

My mother has always lead by example, whether she realizes it or not.  One of those shining examples is the fact that she has the ability to stay in tune with her youth.  As I get older, I realize I need that ability…. Read More

Fixer Upper Obsession

I recently discovered the HGTV show Fixer Upper on Netflix. There are lots of DIY home makeover shows out there but this one is pretty special. This might be my latest addiction. I discovered one of the hosts has a magazine. I must… Read More