Retrogression Continues


I wandered into the Time Capsule store in Seekonk, Massachusetts today. I was hoping to get a good record, if not, I figured I’d leave with a Betty & Veronica comic! Turns out they have a pretty big collection of records! I picked up some good ones!!

It’s funny how accustomed I’ve become to digital music. When I am reading or getting ready in the morning, I put streaming music on and listen away. But when the record is up and the needle has reached the middle, I have to *GASP* get up and flip the record over. And you know what? I like it!!!


Death of the Malls?

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It seems that every time I peruse the news headlines, I see articles about the end of shopping malls.  I belong to a generation whose Friday night plans included begging our parents  to drive us to the mall, meeting up with friends, window shopping then hanging out in the food court.If we were lucky, our favorite boys would be doing the same thing!  I realize the malls have some steep competition with places with Target or Walmart offering everything from clothing to gifts. Also, Amazon is crushing the competition with their 2-day free Prime shipping. I will be the first to admit I grab my phone and use the Amazon app if I am pressed for time and cannot get to the store.
I wonder what our retail future will look like. It is exciting and scary to watch  it all unfold. I will be heartbroken (and frustrated) if the future includes a monopoly of online shopping. While I use self-checkouts, I need human interaction and the country needs these jobs! We shall see….



Multipurpose, always

I am kind of obsessed with using one item multiple ways. It isn’t always easy or possible. I was shopping for a box (without a top) to store our living room items in. I fell in love with this one, even though I didn’t really need the lid. I utilized the box but needed to find a place for the lid. Luckily it had a decent lip on it, so I was able to hang it on the wall. Just as fancy as those canvas prints at TJMaxx!

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