Overwhelming Outlets

       My husband & I were watching this show on Netflix the other day. There was a great episode covering the ground-breaking shows of the 70s like All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore. I requested a copy of All in the Family and Maude on dvd from my library the other day so I could watch these shows which I’ve really only heard of.

       I hardly watch TV.  We do not have cable. We have our old rabbit ears so we can have NBC & CBS. The only show I really, truly enjoy is This Is Us. The characters and plot seem genuine and really get to the heart of family matters. People must love this show because, it truly is one of a kind for today’s standards. Other TV shows have the same topics – medical emergencies, criminal investigations or zombie apocalypses. This got me thinking about present day TV.  It can’t beat the TV shows of the 70s, 80s and (some) 90s. These TV shows had morals and A POINT! We learned lessons from the faults of the flawed characters. Some, dare I say, were considered HEROES. Or some were just FUN – good clean FUN!

       One of the many reasons we don’t pay for cable is because we aren’t home enough to watch it! By the time we settle in for TV time it is late and we are tired. Most of the time we end up scrolling through endless options on Netflix or Hulu and all we really accomplish is adding more selections to our queue.

       Somedays I think we should just cut the cord completely. When I was single and living on my own, I didn’t even have rabbit ears for my small tv. I simply borrowed a dvd or box set from the library and watched that once in a while. I think about all that time I had to read books!! I think we should try it. I wonder if I can convince my husband…….


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