Month: February 2017

Overwhelming Outlets

       My husband & I were watching this show on Netflix the other day. There was a great episode covering the ground-breaking shows of the 70s like All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore. I requested a copy… Read More

Shop Local, Play Local

My husband has always wanted to try glass blowing. I figured I might be out of luck if I looked for a place in Rhode Island, but I was wrong!! I found a place in Providence called Gather Glass. I signed up… Read More


Winter germs are BRUTAL this year. I really thought we were through but my husband and I caught yet another cold. My Facebook feed is full of posts about people getting sick over and over this year. WOWSA. I thought this photo… Read More


I love how thoughtful people are. Thanks for this Susan!

It Makes Me HAPPY…

If you know me, you know I’m an old soul with a twinge of young-at-heart inside. I got together with my best friend last week. We generally pig out and watch a movie on Friday nights. (WHY NOT?!) She took me through… Read More

Sewing Takes Time…

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I am a beginner sewer. I was hoping to make a small zippered pouch using some of my wedding dress fabric. Well, my sewing machine, apparently, is an evil witch and I had to… Read More

His & Hers

This is what lunch looks like.


This is not good! I am not reading enough! Thanks for the info!

My library

Had to service a computer in the children’s room last week. I noticed the sun coming in the window and thought it was beautiful. Wish I had a real camera with me, but had to settle for  a phone shot.

Editing. No more?

I think getting rid of proofreaders is a BAD, BAD idea. I was excited to receive this book from the library the other day. I noticed a word misspelled in the second sentence of the introduction. I was so mad I sent… Read More