He Builds Again

Our home is SMALL. Sometimes I feel like we could be on a tiny house show. Space is a challenge, but not for my husband. He has the ability to draw up plans and build anything. He built us leaf table that extends for company and a bench with storage for kitchen appliances. The project isn’t finished  as he wants to build another bench. Entertaining certainly has become much easier!

Dinner is Served

Often my friends & I complain about our busy lifestyles and how we don’t eat well enough. So one day I decided to have the girls over for what I call a “Healthy Bites” party. It’s essentially pot luck, but healthy food. We have a Pinterest board and pin some of the recipes we are interested in. Last night we had a veggie quinoa bowl, orange chicken with asparagus, some amazing dip, zucchini brownies, banana bread and coconut macaroons. WOW. Guilt free & yummy.


Once again, I stand a distant observer or semi-participant in this minimalist lifestyle.
If you haven’t seen my blog, I recently posted about deconstructing my wedding dress. I am starting small with projects. My second project was making a book cover. I took the lining from the dress and cut a small piece for the book cover. I included some purple string that matched the color scheme of our wedding.This shelf pays homage to our big day & my favorite hobby.


Alright, I admit, sometimes I find myself making reference to
Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

One of the points in her book was making use of one object in different ways.

We’ve been packing stuff away for our Spring yard sale and I guess I put away many flower vases than I originally thought.

I was in the kitchen trimming flowers, realizing I had no small vases.

How about a mug?



Reconstruction Begins

The deconstruction of my wedding dress is done (boy it did NOT take too long!)

I was really afraid to take the first step. I used a small piece and sewed it to a small scrap I had to see what it looked like. I decided it would be a bookmark.


I am still in the process of making a small pouch with some extra fabric and a small piece from the dress. Seems, right now, I cannot commit to making anything large from the dress.

I think for now, I am taking a break! To be continued….


Winter Baking!

 After shoveling out, I asked my husband why we live here! Why do we put up with snow?
While the storms and predictions of inches or feet bring us much grief, baking brings us much pleasure. If I can’t be out walking the dog or admiring the water, I MUST bake.

Today I tried a rosemary parmesan bread. I found it on Pinterest, via a blogger, via another blogger. Sometimes I wonder why I just don’t get a cookbook. The blogger who modified the recipe seemed to have used way too much flour, so I was on my own with it after I used 4 & 1/2 cups!

Say “Bye” To the Dress

After much consideration, I have decided to repurpose my wedding dress.
I don’t plan on passing the dress on to a family member nor have I  had any luck selling it.
Tonight I went into the sewing room and took out the shears!!

I didn’t expect to salvage much fabric from this as I am sure the dress was made in China. I was right. It was made pretty poorly and the bulk was the support and boning underneath. I was also really surprised how easy it was so take apart. I thought there would be a lot more elbow grease required. I suppose that’s what I get for buying a dress from a place like David’s Bridal.

I jumped right in, not really knowing what to cut first. I cut the top most seam above the bust and then cut the waist. Because the dress had boning the top part was sewn into small parts, so I didn’t get much fabric from it!


I needed a break from this part so I cut the bottom half down the backside and removed the zipper, then separated the tulle and layers of fabric. I will save that part for another day.


In the meantime, I started to salvage some of the embroidered hearts and neatly(for me anyway) hand cut some pieces.



This was a learning experience. It is interesting to see how things are put together. Maybe someday I will tackle sewing my own clothes.

For now, I am still browsing Pinterest for some ideas. I am considering making a few pouches and maybe framing some of the lace. Mom saved a few pieces from my grandmother’s dress so maybe I can incorporate some of that into the project.

To be continued….