I have a love/hate relationship with the typical New Year’s resolutions; save more money, lose weight etc. Each year I try to reexamine the previous year (usually in photographs) and figure out some attainable goals for the following year – ones that will bring me JOY.

1. Less pop music, more podcasts

2. Less iPhone more film cameras

3. Less typing, more handwriting

4. Less social media, more time with friends

5. Utilize the resources ahead of me and see what inspiration springs forth

I think 5 is about all I can handle.

Turning this computer off right now to finish listening to the New York Public Library’s podcast of
“Sally Mann on Ethical Photography and Stories”


Seems life makes a girl too busy. I often have trouble making time for the things I want to do.
For years now I have wanted to make my great-grandmother’s cookies. These cookies are made from scratch, so this would consume a lot of time (including dishes!!)

When I got married, mom passed along the recipe to me. Over a year later, I’ve tried it.
I invited my friend to help by reading the directions to me since it is pretty messy!

I think they came out great. I was hoping for a very light color purple for the icing, but I am afraid I     am stuck with 90s purple! Oh well!

I’m bringing this small tray for mom tomorrow. I tried making her initials! Looks alright!


I do the most cooking, from scratch, during Fall and Winter.
I wish I could say the same for Spring and Summer but I’d rather be out walking the dog.
At the end of the year, my library discards the older magazines to make space. The back issues are offered to staff. This year I thought I’d grab Vegetarian Times. I never get a chance to try the recipes as I am deathly afraid to get library property dirty.

I found this broccoli soup recipe in there. Soup is fun to make. This particular soup was very thick, but during Winter that is OK by me!

Boy I make a mess in the kitchen!!!!

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Time flies when you’re having fun. This year we opted for a smaller tree now that we have such a precious family heirloom for a tree skirt. This made me think about trees past. Our cottage home is very small so a tree is always a challenge. I went back into the archives to look for trees past.  I will consider making this a tradition; to photograph the tree and compare each year!

Dinner on the Battleship MASS

From the Battleship Mass website:

Navy Christmas

“Experience 1940’s holiday ambiance, and enjoy a three-course meal recreated from the battleship’s original Christmas menu featuring turkey and all the fixings served in the Wardroom aboard the Battleship. Plus, find out where the USS Massachusetts was during the holidays and what life was like for her sailors on Christmas day – did they have parties? Did they exchange gifts? Did they get the day off? Join the museum for an amazing meal, music, and a fun time for the whole family.
Proceeds go toward the maintenance and conservation of the Historic National Landmarks berthed at Battleship Cove, America’s Fleet Museum.”


This is the second time we’ve attended the Navy Christmas dinner. We do eat where the higher-up men would eat. I have included a photo of three the lower ranks would eat. Certainly a difference.
This is a tradition I hope we can continue because it is fun and humbling.

The menu: