Christmas List


My Christmas List:

  1. I wish the media would stop covering celebrities. Why do you keep covering what the Kardashians are doing? They make money every time their name is dropped. They certainly don’t need any more money. And every time you do cover celebrities like this, your respectable viewers take you less seriously.
  2. I am all for free speech. I like that social media is a great platform for sharing opinions and ideas. But I wish people would stop barking at each other on Facebook because they think their opinion is the only one – the RIGHT one. Have a little respect for your fellow man/woman!!
  3. I wish more people would utilize and support their local library. No I take that back, I wish more people were AWARE of their library and what they do. They’re missing out on some great stuff!
  4. I wish I listened to my parents. As I get older, I find I am turning into my parents. I am doing everything THEY do (that I once made fun of them for doing). YOUR PARENTS ARE RIGHT!!
  5. I wish I could read faster. Working at the library has made me aware of how many books are out there. I want to read them all!!
  6. Sometimes I wish my dog was a maid and could clean the house and have dinner on the table for us when we get home from a long day of work. Although her greeting of a wagging tail and happy face will always suffice.
  7. I wish for inspiration and creativity.
  8. I wish for peace. I wish for peace everywhere in all things from politics to personal relationships.

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