Travel to the Past

A few months ago L.L. Bean opened in Cranston, RI. We went for the grand opening and a local radio station was giving away prizes. Low & behold, I actually WON something!
We had a choice of sports tickets and other things, but we thought it would be cool to take two tickets to Plymouth Plantations. We decided to book a room through Airbnb so we could take our time visiting Plymouth.

We had a great time. The beginning of the tour shows you how the Native Americans (Wampanoag) lived. We just learned a little about the Wampanoag at the tour we took at Mt. Hope Farm in Bristol so it was nice to carry on learning. Their dwellings were modest and kind of beautiful, especially their round shapes. They used tree bark to cover the outside and when we entered one, it wasn’t quite a cold as I imagined. They really utilized their resources well. They used the entire tree from its bark to hollowing the tree for seating or boats. It is amazing to see all of this. I think how wasteful we are now because we have almost anything at our disposal. I do wish I could be more diligent about fully using my resources.

Then we stopped by the craft center where you can see a variety of things being made like bread, loom work and candle making. There were lots of families around so we missed out on this!

Finally we walked through the 17th century pilgrim village. The houses were very small and shaped more like what we might recognize as a house today – more angular structures with a sloping roof. I don’t want to give too much away because I think everyone should visit Plymouth Plantations!

Also, you will notice on the website the spelling is:

Plimoth Plantations

I did wonder about this. One of the staff dressed as a settler said to the children on the tour that
the variation in spelling had to do with the fact that as long as a settler could read it, then there was no correct way. Often J, I and Y were used in the same way, hence Plymouth and Plimoth. John might have been spelled Iohn!

We spent quite a while at the plantation. We did make it down to Plymouth Rock and walked a bit of the downtown area. We had fun at some antique stores along the way.



Our Airbnb room was so cute and we were happy to get away for a quick night
to celebrate our anniversary!

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