Month: November 2016

Christmas List

My Christmas List: I wish the media would stop covering celebrities. Why do you keep covering what the Kardashians are doing? They make money every time their name is dropped. They certainly don’t need any more money. And every time you do cover celebrities… Read More

The Library & My Heart

I’ve worn many caps in my lifetime. I was a supermarket cashier, florist, produce clerk, among other things. I am used to dealing with people of all backgrounds and personalities. But my job at the library has taken it to a new… Read More

iPhoto, I Photo, I Photograph

If you know me, you know I have always been obsessed with photography. I’d carry my camera everywhere I went because I never wanted to miss a moment. I studied photography in college and even dabbled in weddings and portraits. Recently, my… Read More


I found this on Pinterest and it made me laugh so hard. Only people with an autoimmune disease can understand…


Photography is about one thing only – LIGHT.

Travel to the Past

A few months ago L.L. Bean opened in Cranston, RI. We went for the grand opening and a local radio station was giving away prizes. Low & behold, I actually WON something! We had a choice of sports tickets and other things,… Read More

Libraries Rule

The staff at my library put these displays up. They are so great.

Finally had a chance to stop and visit Roger Williams statue at Prospect Terrace in Providence, RI. We picked the perfect time to visit – what a view of the city! To learn more about Roger Williams click HERE.  

Happy Birthday Dog

Thanks to Woof Woof Boutique for the birthday treat!     What a difference a little over 1 year makes: