Where Are All the Skills?

I walk my dog everyday. I enjoy the fresh air and the time to THINK.
Today we took a different route. We passed by the cobbler’s shop.
For those of you under the age of, say, 30, you probably never heard the term.
A cobbler is a skilled person who mends shoes (not a pie, thank you).

The cobbler in my town is probably close to retirement. Once at his shop I asked if he had an apprentice. He said no, no one is interested in learning the trade.
I can understand why. It would take years of training for very little money.


That prompted me to think about the future of small mom&pop shops, most especially skilled tradesmen(& women). If we don’t pass these skills down, what happens next? No cobbler.
Guess we will have to just keep buying new shoes.

It kind of makes me sad, that thought. Today I brought my late mother-in-law’s ring to the local jeweler A Jour. He is an incredibly talented jeweler (and artist, if you ask me!) He is another example of a¬†skill that may not be passed on.

Then again, if we continue to buy items made overseas that are cheap, I suppose we won’t need these skilled people will we?
That is pretty disturbing.

This is why I love the library. I can get a book on almost anything and try and teach myself a skill.
I will certainly never be a cobbler or a jeweler but can at least educate myself!

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