Love Is…

It has been almost ONE year since I married Kevin. The wedding was very sentimental and included lots of items like mom & grandma’s wedding dresses.
(Mom and I at the wedding with the dresses on display)

After the wedding was over, I gave my mom the dresses back. We started a conversation about what to do with all the dresses. Hers is still in great shape but grandma’s really took a beating.
My mother and I were on Pinterest looking at ideas on how to transform dresses into keepsakes but never really talked about it after that.

Today I paid mom a visit after a long and frustrating day; quite frankly in a cranky mood. Of course she was in a great mood and happy to see me as always. But here is why –

Mom spent a lot of time taking apart grandma’s dress and making it into this lovely Christmas tree skirt. She was careful to use many of the details of the dress. The button and loop of the train now help secure the skirt sides together. The many loops and buttons are now flowers. The lace edges are from the veil. And if you look closely, she took the smallest of beads for extra detail.

This is the most wonderful item I have ever received. I cannot wait for Christmas!


There is one more item! A Christmas tree angel!



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