Month: October 2016

Back to the Basics

Sometimes digital drives me crazy. Time to go back to the basics. Would you believe I had to look on Youtube for instructions on how to load the film?!

Where Are All the Skills?

I walk my dog everyday. I enjoy the fresh air and the time to THINK. Today we took a different route. We passed by the cobbler’s shop. For those of you under the age of, say, 30, you probably never heard the… Read More

If You Don’t Like It – Change It….

I don’t usually rush out and buy trendy jewelry. For a long time I resisted the Alex & Ani craze. After a while though I did feel badly for not supporting this local business. Low & behold my husband bought me a… Read More

Times HAVE Changed

My mom passed along her mother’s cookbook to me a while ago. The pace of life has certainly changed from then until now. SO much time was dedicated to preparation & planning! I also enjoy the etiquette. Don’t enjoy the part about… Read More

Jack-o-lantern Spectacular

I took my husband to his very first Jack-o-lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo. I hadn’t been a many years but it was just as good as I remember!

Love Is…

It has been almost ONE year since I married Kevin. The wedding was very sentimental and included lots of items like mom & grandma’s wedding dresses. (Mom and I at the wedding with the dresses on display) After the wedding was over, I gave… Read More

Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency: able to supply one’s own or its own needs without external assistance  __________________________________________________________________________      Technology appears to make life easier but I think it is making us less self sufficient! We rely on Google, online accounts and Amazon, among others. We have services  at our fingertips to deliver cars, food and products… Read More

Free Education Programs

This month, Mt. Hope Farm is offering: “October Sundays Series – Free Family Programs Led by Local Experts!” We were lucky enough to catch the “Walk the Trail to King Phillip’s Chair” It was the perfect day and the speakers were great!

Fall Weekends are for Cooking!

Grilled chicken with cucumber relish!


Alright, I admit,  I have a thing for social media. I’m also an quiet fan of hashtags. I am trying hard to start the hashtag “Got This At My Library” but so far I am the only one using it! I generally… Read More