Month: September 2016

I spent a little time at a special baby shower today. I took a few photos, had some awesome food and learned a few things. #1 I wish I had a sister. #2 If I ever need a party planned I will… Read More


File this under “Things that have existed in my home state forever but take 34 years to visit.”‘ My friend Sarah & I visited two Newport mansions today – The Elms & The Breakers Audio tours are now my new favorite thing…. Read More

Voices from the Past

I may have blogged about this one before. This past year has been the year of cleaning out. I think we’ve donated at least 12 boxes of stuff to Big Sisters. Some things are easy to get rid of and others, well,… Read More


We pulled over to Independence Park to take these shots with our phones. It was so worth it. If this isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is. What a scene to be grateful for!

Judging a Book By Its Cover

While at work Thursday, a very tall and sour-faced  man walked in and took a seat at our public computers. He seemed a wee bit annoyed with our computers, but we were able to fix that issue in a flash. I ended… Read More

Quahogging 101

Meet new people & you may try new things! Went quahogging for the first time in my life. There is something very gratifying about searching for, cleaning and preparing your own food.