I spent a little time at a special baby shower today.
I took a few photos, had some awesome food and learned a few things.
#1 I wish I had a sister.
#2 If I ever need a party planned I will call Nicole B.
#3 Ladies are VERY competitive especially at baby shower bingo.
#4 I am in the hole at least 4 clothespins for the “dont say the word baby” game. I am VERY bad at that game.

#5 Nothing beats spending time family & friends. They certainly make the world go ‘around.




File this under

“Things that have existed in my home state forever but take 34 years to visit.”‘

My friend Sarah & I visited two Newport mansions today –

The Elms & The Breakers

Audio tours are now my new favorite thing. They are so helpful and help you get a better understanding of the rich history.

I am totally pleased that they allow photography(no flash/no commercial use)

It is nice to take photos with the iPhone to show off later. It can only help since posting them on social media is like free marketing!

The Elms:


Voices from the Past

I may have blogged about this one before. This past year has been the year of cleaning out.
I think we’ve donated at least 12 boxes of stuff to Big Sisters.
Some things are easy to get rid of and others, well, they keep getting tossed in the drawer or relocated.
Here is one of those things – old cassette tapes from my grandpa.

My late grandfather was by no means rich, but he always saved his pennies for gadgets including radios. One of the radios he bought had a small, built in microphone.
He would record us talking, singing and playing the harmonica. Even though I sound like a total brat, it is really nice to hear his voice after all these years.

I ordered a cassette to MP3 converter and have been trying to convert the recordings. Listening along in my office,  I have laughed and I have cried. My how I’ve forgotten my childhood. I’ve forgotten how young at heart my grandfather was and how deeply I loved him.  I have forgotten what’s its like to know only Disney cartoons and nursery rhymes. Funny how we spend most of our lives rushing to grow up, then when we get here, we want to go back.

I am so grateful my grandfather recorded this. I wonder if he realizes what he’s left behind. Some of it is total nonsense but some of it is quality to me. These are voices I will never hear again, but have been made immortal by technology.

Judging a Book By Its Cover

While at work Thursday, a very tall and sour-faced  man walked in and took a seat at our public computers. He seemed a wee bit annoyed with our computers, but we were able to fix that issue in a flash. I ended up working closely with him because he needed a hand. He seemed annoyed still and I felt uneasy. He turned to the exit but stopped and retraced his steps back to the main area where the desk is. He stepped up and looked at me. I swallowed, bracing myself for a complaint. Instead he asked me if I had Alopecia. I nearly fainted. Turns out he does too. We had a lot to talk about and turns out he is a pretty pleasant guy.
NEVER judge a book by its cover. SO cliche and SO SO true!