Month: August 2016

I Love/Hate New York

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” -Jay-z & Alicia Keys This year I decided to take my husband to NYC for his birthday. We’ve been a few times for day trips, which never allowed for a true NYC experience. I logged… Read More

Signs Everywhere

Who says handwritten signs don’t work?

Librarians Are Awesome

It is amazing what librarians can find with very little information. My friend Emily works at RISD Fleet library┬áin Providence RI. (If you’ve never been, I strongly suggest checking it out. ) I asked her if she could find a particular video… Read More

zucchini noodles 101 This is my second time trying zucchini noodles. Last summer I bought one of those “As Seen on TV” Veggetti gadgets at Job Lot. I didn’t have high expectations but IT WORKS! Here they are in the frying pan…. Read More

Garden Rewards

If you know me, you know Fall is my favorite season. I must admit, summer is growing on me. My husband and father both have gardens and we spend days picking, cooking and enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. This… Read More

My Man

This just makes me love him so much more:

Summer Recipes

We hate turning the oven on during these hot summer days. So it’s Pinterest to the rescue!! They have collected some of the best summer salads around. It’s funny though how your taste changes as you grow up. If you put this… Read More

Near Annihilation

The critters and rodents out there are getting aggressive. A woodchuck has consumed nearly all the eggplant in my dad’s garden and a few rabbits stole our kale this year. I THOUGHT my 7 foot tall sunflowers were safe… Not so much!!… Read More