I Love/Hate New York

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”

-Jay-z & Alicia Keys

This year I decided to take my husband to NYC for his birthday. We’ve been a few times for day trips, which never allowed for a true NYC experience. I logged onto Airbnb hoping to find a cheap place to stay, but no such luck. Groupon proved to be more successful so we managed to find a Days Inn hotel somewhere near the 90s streets.

I have a true love/hate relationship with NYC. I love being surrounded by amazing art museums, food and flashing lights. I hate the people, the crowds and the loneliness of it all. I am sure that is because I was brought up in such a small town. I once dreamt of having a career as a Vogue fashion photographer. After spending time here, I know now that is NOT the place for me.  Maybe when I was young and crazy (author’s note: I have never been THAT crazy).

It never fails that where I go, I get lost. Our first stop was supposed to be the Met Breuer. Instead we took the bus in the opposite direction, which, by some great luck, dropped us off right at the New York Public Library. It was on my list anyway, so we went! So glad we went in. There was a great Alexander Hamilton exhibit and wonderful bookstore. Unfortunately the Rose Main Reading room was closed!!

Finally made our way to Met Breuer (pronounced broy-er).
We saw an excellent Diane Arbus exhibit (where photos were allowed for noncommercial use, WOO-HOO!!)

There was also a fantastic exhibit called
Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible. There were so many pieces by well-known artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Manet, Giacometti and more whom for some reason or another did not finish their pieces. What a great discussion this provokes! And VERY interesting to see their thought process on canvas.

We walked through Central Park to our hotel to freshen up, then off the Times Square and Lillie’s Victorian Establishment for dinner. That was a lovely place for dinner.

We stopped by Paris Baguette for a quick sweet plate. What a cute little place.

On day 2 we made our way downtown for a tour of the Statute of Liberty & Ellis Island. Wow. What an amazing site to be seen. We toured only the pedestal and that was just a taste I am sure. Once in the pedestal we looked up to see the very narrow spiral staircase up to the crown an immediately did NOT regret getting tickets to go up!
Thanks to State Cruises for a seamless and quick trip!
And thanks to my husband for grabbing a broom to fetch my hat which blew off and landed on the back of the ferry!


We finished the day browsing things we couldn’t afford at high-end fashion stores, had Starbuck’s cake pops in the Trump Tower and of course a had a photo taken in front of Tiffany & Co. We also saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Wow.

Luckily Kevin noticed Billy Cunningham street sign, or I would’ve walked right by. I still wish I had my photo taken by him. Alas, my tourist clothing would never appeal to him, this I know for sure.



Dinner at Serafina’s was amazing. I do believe I enjoyed the most SINFUL meal I have ever had in my life there.

Spaghettini Al Limone

lemon, cream & imported aged Parmigiano Reggiano

Home. Sweet. Home.

zucchini noodles 101

This is my second time trying zucchini noodles.
Last summer I bought one of those “As Seen on TV” Veggetti gadgets at Job Lot.
I didn’t have high expectations but IT WORKS!


Here they are in the frying pan. I added a little pesto sauce & chopped up tomatoes. YUM! Sorry no after photo!


Garden Rewards

If you know me, you know Fall is my favorite season. I must admit, summer is growing on me. My husband and father both have gardens and we spend days picking, cooking and enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.
This year my husband did kale, lettuce, cucumbers, spaghetti squash and (hopefully) watermelon! Here are some of his masterpieces!

Summer Recipes

We hate turning the oven on during these hot summer days. So it’s Pinterest to the rescue!! They have collected some of the best summer salads around.
It’s funny though how your taste changes as you grow up. If you put this meal in front of me 15 years ago I’d rather starve.
I;ve made this one quite a few times and my husband & I LOVE it.
It is super easy ( just what I need) and not boring (what he needs).

I saute some spinach and garlic to spice it up a little, but otherwise it’s just quinoa, black beans and some lime juice. Serve chilled. WOW!

I really believe if I were born and married before the age of the Internet I would be an awful cook!  Pinterest and fellow bloggers are teaching me how to cook! So cool!