Independence Day Weekend

July 2016

We live in Bristol, Rhode Island. We are a small town of say 22,000 residents. We have this big parade you might have heard of. It’s our 4th of July parade. This normally quiet town turns into a ZOO. And if you live here you either LOVE IT or HATE IT.  This year we decided to skip the parade but we did attend some other events. We love the concerts, the fireworks and recently we have visited the ships that dock here. Last year we toured parts of the U.S.S. Tortuga which was GREAT. This year we took a tour of the U.S.S. Arlington. This was really the most patriotic thing we have done these past years. Military members take groups of tourists around the VERY large and VERY overwhelming ship. These men and women work hard and rely on each other to do their jobs. It is incredible how important each person’s role is. And that is really what this country and 4th of July is all about – a great group of citizens, working together to keep this country wonderful and free. And for that, I am very grateful.


Independence Park loaded with people:


Lovely sunset at the park:



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