Month: July 2016

What I’ve Learned from Facebook

Some days I call Facebook a necessary evil. You want to look up a rating of some business, other than Yelp? FB is your answer. Other days, I ¬†throw some expletives in there and that is all I can bring myself to… Read More


I have learned a great¬†many things from my parents. One thing I learned (but need to better practice) is saving. And I don’t necessarily mean cash, rather products. I used to toss my soap containers when I heard the first hint of… Read More

Independence Day Weekend

July 2016 We live in Bristol, Rhode Island. We are a small town of say 22,000 residents. We have this big parade you might have heard of. It’s our 4th of July parade. This normally quiet town turns into a ZOO. And… Read More