Father’s Day 2016

He taught me the importance of reading, learning and so many countless history facts (whether I wanted to hear them or not!).

I’m 33 and he still corrects my grammar and disapproves of popped collars or wrinkled apparel. He still dresses up for church and is very formal at the dinner table.

If you went to Mt Hope High School  you may have been subject to Portuguese noogies & you may have had to learn the jitterbug and dance in the hallway in front of your peers.

He’s a life long teacher & student because he believes that we should never stop learning.

Cheers to you Dad.❤️

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone!

Industries of the Future

If you are going to read only one book about the future of jobs and lifestyles then read this one. It is taking me a while to read but it is so worth the time.
At the time of its publication the author noted that 47% of American jobs are at high risk for robot take over. I wouldn’t take that fact lightly and neither should you.
The chapter on advances in medicine & science are amazing. In the future doctors and scientists will be able to screen you for cancer with a simple blood test much like the one for your yearly physical. Most likely catching cancer at Stage 1 where it is much more easily treatable unlike Stages 3 or 4 when it may be too late.
Don’t miss it!


What an odd little movie. I waited months at my local library for this. It’s an animated film about a business man and his relationships with his family and some women with whom he’s had extramarital affairs. It is funny how raw and real the emotions of the characters are even though they are animated and not real actors (so to speak).



To Louvre

book cover

A few years ago my Dad bought me this book for Christmas.
It’s HUGE and weighs close to 10 pounds so it’s hard to read in one sitting.
I’ve read it a few times. It is a great book with great illustrations!
I discovered a few artists that I have never heard of and also was able to revisit some that I studied in college. Funny how we forget. This was very inspirational!

A Bit Rusty

Boy I’m rusty. It’s been quite some time since I’ve photographed little ones other than weddings. Ashley C.  texted me this week about photos of her 4 month old son. I photographed her wedding years ago. She is happily married with some gorgeous kids. We ended up in the backyard on a soft blanket using just the sun and a little shade from the trees. 4 month old little boys can really move! Sure do love that little smile!

That Old Army Uniform

Mom’s at it again – cleaning out the house.
She came across her father’s old World War II army uniform in the attic.
What does one do with such items? Why do we save them?
We discussed it and eventually she decided to donate the items.
I told her I’d like to photograph the items before she gave them away. In retrospect I kind of wish I had the items pressed and displayed on a mannequin. (I was afraid to apply the heat!)
My how the quality of clothing has changed. These pieces are sturdy wool and made so well and I think the fact that they’ve all last this long is a testament to that.
Lucky he made it home from the war!

Why Do We Do That?

I am still on the quest for a more minimal lifestyle. This comes at a very interesting point in our lives as my parents are now both retired. My mother has been clearing out her items at home and unfortunately passing them along to ME. I never know what she is going to have next. A while back she gave me this miniature tools. The scissors (not pictured) actually worked.
I believe these were items that her father made in a local factory. They may have been decorative pins later down the line. Not too sure though. File this under “snap a pic and toss it.”
They were quite charming though!