Month: June 2016

We went to the theaters to see this movie last night. Talk about a tear jerker!!! I read the book, knew what was coming & still needed a box of Kleenex.

Father’s Day 2016

He taught me the importance of reading, learning and so many countless history facts (whether I wanted to hear them or not!). I’m 33 and he still corrects my grammar and disapproves of popped collars or wrinkled apparel. He still dresses up… Read More

This Dog of Ours

Industries of the Future

If you are going to read only one book about the future of jobs and lifestyles then read this one. It is taking me a while to read but it is so worth the time. At the time of its publication the… Read More


What an odd little movie. I waited months at my local library for this. It’s an animated film about a business man and his relationships with his family and some women with whom he’s had extramarital affairs. It is funny how raw… Read More


I call this Vermeer Dog Portrait by iPhone & Me

To Louvre

A few years ago my Dad bought me this book for Christmas. It’s HUGE and weighs close to 10 pounds so it’s hard to read in one sitting. I’ve read it a few times. It is a great book with great illustrations!… Read More

A Bit Rusty

Boy I’m rusty. It’s been quite some time since I’ve photographed little ones other than weddings. Ashley C. ┬átexted me this week about photos of her 4 month old son. I photographed her wedding years ago. She is happily married with some… Read More

That Old Army Uniform

Mom’s at it again – cleaning out the house. She came across her father’s old World War II army uniform in the attic. What does one do with such items? Why do we save them? We discussed it and eventually she decided… Read More

Why Do We Do That?

I am still on the quest for a more minimal lifestyle. This comes at a very interesting point in our lives as my parents are now both retired. My mother has been clearing out her items at home and unfortunately passing them… Read More