Did That Really Just Happen?

I had the pleasure of attending the Rhode Island Library Association‘s annual conference this week. There is nothing more inspiring than spending time listening to librarians sharing their ideas. These are some of the most intelligent people on the planet. This is NOT an exaggeration. Librarians have to wear many hats – manager, accountant, social worker, human resources, reader’s advisor, technology assistance, programming etc. And they do this all under time constraints and small budgets. The pressure seems immense.

One of the librarians at the Barrington Library nominated me for a new award the Outstanding Library Paraprofessional 2016. I was so delighted to just be nominated. I didn’t think I would even have a shot. But alas, my name was called this Thursday and I’m still in a state of shock. How can I possibly receive an award for something that I LOVE to do? That seems like the reward in itself. It was almost like whiplash really – hearing all the things I’ve accomplished in 9 years. My stepson just graduated college and I was thinking about my time in school. I studied art at RIC. Funny how so many artist types like myself end up in libraries. I think I understand why. Artists are trained to be observers. We look and listen and understand. And that is what I do at the library. It doesn’t take long to figure out what your community needs by watching and listening. People will tell you what they need or you will start to see patterns in their behavior, whether they struggle with technology or just don’t know how to apply for a job online.

I am still so overwhelmed with joy, really. I am a lucky girl.


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