How To Be Private in the Digital Age

I am the tech person at my local library. On a daily basis I read articles about privacy and answer questions about technology and how it works.

The bottom line is, if you are on the Internet, you are not private. People think if their online password is strong their accounts cannot be accessed. But doesn’t someone out there have to store your password into a program in order for you to get in? Yes.

The number one question I get is – HOW CAN I STAY PRIVATE? The number one answer always seems to be strong passwords. And that works for hackers, sure. But aren’t the real enemies here retail? Those are the companies who want your information. They want to know your buying habits. How can they get you to spend your money at THEIR website instead of someone else’s? They track your every move.

How to stay private:

1. Try your best to shop local, small business
2. Pay cash!
3. Don’t give away so much information online. Facebook does not need to know where you work, what college you went to or what your favorite music is.
4. Get in your car, drive to the park and take a walk – and leave your phone IN THE CAR. Smartphones know your location!

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