Amazon DASH Button

It happened. I signed up for Prime and bought a DASH button. For a very long time I avoided signing up for Amazon Prime because I knew if I did, I’d give a lot more of my business to Amazon. It’s just that easy. When I read about their DASH buttons, I just could NOT resist.
I decided to start with the Bounty button. Paper towels are the things we always run out of and forget to keep on hand.


I did some fierce Googling, trying to find the pros and cons of users who have already tried the DASH buttons. There wasn’t a whole lot of information out there! I found a few blogs here and there but they weren’t super helpful. So I thought I’d go for it!

dash buttons

I received the button rather quickly. The set up was super simple. The terms & agreements however, took a while to read. There are lots of big terms that are very overwhelming. Some you’d need a lawyer to interpret. And there is a third party warning in there, so there goes your information off to other people and other companies. This is Amazon and is to be expected. They aren’t big because they mind their own business, right?

Unpacking the box was very easy. The instruction packet was small and super easy to understand. I placed it near my smartphone and Amazon app walked my right through the process which took under 2 minutes.


And voila! It was done. The back has a small ring where you remove the tape and the adhesive is ready for you to simply apply the button to the wall. It was incredibly easy and now hangs in our laundry area where we keep the paper towels.


Days later we were down to the last paper towels so we hit the button. I initially wondered what would happen if someone hit the button 4 times in a row. Amazon already thought of that. You can’t order this item 80 times at once (thank goodness because that would be expensive!) So I received the notification on my phone and later word the item had been shipped. I am expecting the item today at my door.f

Alright what’s the catch? That’s what I was wondering. The button cost $4.99 and Amazon said they’d apply that price as a credit toward my first purchase (which they did.) The catch I suppose  is that you are willing to pay for the product they offer at the price they demand. I didn’t find the price of the 8 “huge roll” pack terribly high, but certainly at least -$0.50-1.00 higher than the store. Well that is the price I pay for not having to drive to the store at 9pm. And I am ok with that.

So now what? Get more DASH buttons? I think not. I have paid handsomely for this convenience and I don’t mean in dollar amount. Now Amazon knows even more about me and my buying habits. This is why I would hesitate to buy other DASH buttons.

But for now, this little convenience can allow us to skip a trip to the store!



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