Sewing Again…

It was around this time last year that I took my very first sewing lesson. I had a wonderful instructor who was incredibly patient with this slow learner. Fast forward one year and I’ve only made one project which looked like a the work of a kindergarten student.

I’ve been meaning to make valances for a small kitchen window for sometime now. But finding the time to get to my sewing area is difficult. Finally this weekend I had a chance. I measured the window to the best of my (awful) math skills, sketched out the plan and was on my way.


Ah, but if it were only that easy. I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics with the window measurements not remembering I have to convert inches to yards!! The very gracious girl at the cutting table with 20 tattoos was happy to help. I was just hoping she wouldn’t beat me up. I picked up some matching thread and was on my merry way!

IMG_3168That night was not as smooth! I attempted 7 times to wind the bobbin but the thread went all over the place NOT including on the actual bobbin. SO the next day I consulted the woman I work with (who happens to be a seamstress and my 4th grade teacher – hey, it’s Bristol). She gave me some tips and FINALLY I was on my way!


Did I mention this was a hand-me-down machine? It is missing parts but I am trying to wing it (see clothespin)They say threading the machine is half the battle with sewing. Well in this house it was a real housewives catfight. Blood, sweat and tears were shed and FINALLY I was on my way.

I am sad to say there is still something wrong with the machine tension so my stitches aren’t so hot but the curtain is TOGETHER so I proudly ran down to the kitchen to hang up the curtain and VOILA – it was way too long!!
No one said life was easy right?

Bad stitches:
IMG_3169Finally hours later I got it (somewhat) right. It hangs slightly crooked but I don’t care! It’s a project under my belt! We must learn from our mistakes (I am a life-long learner, this is for sure). Until next time….

IMG_3173 Too long!

FullSizeRenderSlightly crooked but does the job!



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