I just started reading this book. I think everyone should read this. Here is some insider information about the robots that DO exist and will be taking over many jobs. Don’t assume for a second that your job is not replaceable because it is. I do wonder what will happen to the population when robots take over. This reminds me of the film The Surrogates. It stars Bruce Willis. It didn’t get the best reviews but it is certainly worth the watch. The movie takes place in a futuristic society where humans stay home and their robot surrogates enter the real world. Many of the TV shows and films we once thought were so futuristic may be on the mark now!

Back to the Basics

I decided the other day that I would wander down into the children’s room at my library. I think sometimes it is nice to re-live our childhood! The stresses of adulthood can really kill the IMAGINATION. I don’t ever want to lose my imagination & creativity. I am going to try to read a few children’s books a week. I will start with some of the classic picture books and probably pick up some Roald Dahl & E.B. White. I will keep a running list here! 

Great New Book!


What a fantastic book. I almost quit in the beginning because the author went on about history that I already know, especially about Thomas Jefferson. But she tied it all together so well.

“In Jefferson’s vision, access to organized knowledge is necessary to promote the progress and well-being of humanity. In the developed world, market capitalism plays important roles , but long term investment in the public good is not one of them. Google boasts
that they organize knowledge for the world. But the vision of Jefferson and the Founders proposes that the organization of access to knowledge is to be a public utility, wholly owned by the people for the purpose of self-government.”

“Free access to information is the sole guarantor of self-rule. Ignorance and secrecy are fundamental threats to freedom because the compromise our autonomy and freedom of choice. This is what Jefferson and his peers believed and why they established a national library funded by the public purse.”

Reflect upon those two statements from the book! Certainly put things in perspective for me…

Reading Challenge

I am pretty obsessed with

This year I decided I should sign up for the reading challenge. I was very upset to learn I read only 21 books last year and 52 the year before. For me, that is pretty awful! It is April and I am in a panic! Will I hit 45 books?! I recall my parents always saying there was never enough time in the day. I am starting to share that feeling as I get older and have a husband, crazy dog and lots of responsibilities!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.40.03 PM

Father & Daughter

Our email correspondence:
Me: Dad! Guess what! Sonia Sotomayor is speaking at the URI graduation in May & I will be there! Isn’t that exciting?! I remember the time you took me to hear Sandra Day O’Connor speak!
Dad: Yes!! You will be one of the few individuals who will have heard two FEMALE U.S. Supreme Court associate justices speak!!!
Just one of of the many reasons I love my dad……


About the Libraray

2016 marks my ninth year working at Rogers Free Library.
To date, photography excluded, this is the job I’ve kept and loved the longest. If you told me years ago I’d be working at a library I may have laughed in your face. I thought librarians were some of the most intelligent people on the planet. How they could encompass so much knowledge about not only books but general studies was/is beyond me. Clearly I would NOT be worthy to work with such people.

But alas, here I am. While I am not a librarian, I have sure learned about what it’s like to be one.  It is NOT a total cliche to say I learn something new here everyday. I also learn a LOT while I deal with the public and our patrons. I wanted to take the time to write about my experiences here because I think they are really important and inspiring.

#1 We Aren’t All About the Book

Sure, I check out lots of books to patrons everyday. We also checkout movies, magazines, music CDs, e-readers and tablets. But this building is more than that. People meet, study and access the Internet here.  When one’s printer stops working or runs out of ink they run to the library to print. We are always there for you. In some instances this is a building where people can access clean water and warmth from the cold winter outside. You’d have to work here everyday to see it, but we see it. People have rolled in with most of their belongings on their back. They sit and read all day, sometimes they use the bathroom sink to slick their hair back neatly and freshen their appearance.

 toronto-tool-library.jpg.838x0_q80(Toronto Public Library)

#2 We Aren’t Going Anywhere

There are articles all over the Internet that question the future of the library. I can see that. Lots of professions are crumbling in the digital age. But let’s recall the key to survival – adapting. Libraries have given up card catalogs and encyclopedias for computers and online resources. The interior structures have changed from study areas to Idea Studios and technology assistance. Part of the reason I started my drop-in tech help is help people. Who else can help youth a product besides a big company like Apple or Geek Squad? Costs a pretty penny to see these tech folk. Why not share my skills and help educate the public for FREE. Big business can get more competitive and compete with high prices and unattainable customer service. Well let us scoop up those customers and give them a hand. Librarians and directors are now business people  – identifying trends, customer base and demographics more than ever.

Google Nexus 7 tablet computer with kindle e-book library application and shelf of traditional hardback paper books

This is all very fascinating to me. I feel like I am at a crossroads and someday I will look back and remember this all happening.  Isn’t that exciting? I think so.