Month: April 2016

I just started reading this book. I think everyone should read this. Here is some insider information about the robots that DO exist and will be taking over many jobs. Don’t assume for a second that your job is not replaceable because… Read More

Sweet dog

  There are just too many special moments with the dog….. Why does it look like she is wearing eyeliner….anyone…..?

Back to the Basics

I decided the other day that I would wander down into the children’s room at my library. I think sometimes it is nice to re-live our childhood! The stresses of adulthood can really kill the IMAGINATION. I don’t ever want to lose… Read More

Great New Book!

What a fantastic book. I almost quit in the beginning because the author went on about history that I already know, especially about Thomas Jefferson. But she tied it all together so well. “In Jefferson’s vision, access to organized knowledge is necessary… Read More

Reading Challenge

I am pretty obsessed with This year I decided I should sign up for the reading challenge. I was very upset to learn I read only 21 books last year and 52 the year before. For me, that is pretty awful!… Read More

Father & Daughter

Our email correspondence: Me: Dad! Guess what! Sonia Sotomayor is speaking at the URI graduation in May & I will be there! Isn’t that exciting?! I remember the time you took me to hear Sandra Day O’Connor speak! Dad: Yes!! You will… Read More


About the┬áLibraray 2016 marks my ninth year working at Rogers Free Library. To date, photography excluded, this is the job I’ve kept and loved the longest. If you told me years ago I’d be working at a library I may have laughed… Read More