The Librarian Effect

Tonight I attended the book club at Rogers Free Library.  We read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Well what an amazing book it was!


There were a little over 10 attendees tonight, all of whom loved the book. At some point one of the women mentioned the librarian character and how much she hated her. The librarian was uninspiring, to say the least. We all agreed. The woman commented about her childhood and how fondly she recalls her childhood librarian. She mentioned the librarian’s name and a few of the other members remembered her too. My thoughts started to drift for a moment. I thought it was incredible that a LIBRARIAN could have such a huge effect on someone’s life!

Funny, I don’t remember the librarian in the children’s room when I was a little girl. I remember the room, the books and which were my favorite. I had a habit of checking out the same books over and over. One day I discovered a book about the Titanic. I think it was a DK book. The photos were big and glossy and the Titanic was a tragic mystery I would never get sick of.

I can only hope I have made some kind of impression on the next generation of children. It certainly would be a privilege.

Never Say Never..

That is what my mother always told me.


I had some pretty tough rules before we brought this dog home.

#1 I was not going to be one of those dog owners who let’s the dog sit on the couch.


This dog will NEVER share the bed with us.

12644857_171653329872964_4162439852467369924_nAnd I will NEVER be THAT dog owner who has her PORTRAIT done with the dog.


And I will NEVER, EVER dress my dog in a coat!!!



A Mother’s Love

I am scanning the LAST box of photos. I cannot believe this crazy trip down memory lane!

I just came across my Junior Prom photos. I am thinking about that year now. Was in 1998?1999? Who can remember? My parents worked very hard to put me through private school so I could get a good education & a great job later in life. Side note – I chose a career in a non-profit – way to go, I know. So I am sure they frowned upon paying $300 for a prom dress that I would wear once. I was also a chunky monkey in high school, eating my way through my struggle with Alopecia. We went to countless stores with gowns only tiny gymnasts could wear. Finally my mother headed over to the fabric store. I knew where this was going, and I didn’t like it. She chose my favorite color of course., to make this less painful. At first I cringed at the thought of a handmade gown for a prom at my prestigious high school. There were numerous fittings complete with tantrums and pouting (me of course). She spent HOURS on the gown. It was complete with a small petticoat underneath to get just the right shape. When it was finished, it was amazing. I felt like a princess. I remember coming down the stairs and everything was in slow motion. Apparently the dress was THAT beautiful to everyone else too. She loves me too much that mother of mine. Too bad the dress was already wrinkled for the formal photo…and that horrible wig….and braces….
The dress looks great!!

Organization…Simple Living…

A few years back I picked up this small book at my library.


It was a great little inspiring read. Jump to a few years down the road, and it’s on my mind again.

Now that I am married and we’ve decided we are not having kids, I’ve been forced to do some real soul searching. Ive been wondering where all my cherished possessions will end up once I am gone. Of course part of me wishes I will be the artist who becomes famous after her death and her legacy continues on forever & ever, maybe even getting some of her photos in the MOMA (ok ok I know, not realistic but a girl can dream!) I considered my husband’s kids having to pick through my belongings and thought maybe I shouldn’t burden them with such things.

So began my journey into researching organization which lead me to learning about  simple living and minimalistic living.
As with any research, I always start with books (sorry Pinterest & Google!)
I cannot believe the amount of books there are about getting organized. And they come in all sorts of forms & concepts. The trendiest of them all seem to be simple living and minimalism. Google these terms with ‘house’ at the end and you might see this:
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I find this peaceful but uninspiring and rather cold!

Shortly into my journey, this book hit the New York Times Best Seller List:

It had promises of helping you declutter and hey – it might just change your life. While I understand the premise, I didn’t find it all that inspiring.

So while at some local libraries I picked up lots more.

All have different ideas, direction and resources. But none of them ever really apply to me! Some convince you to buy baskets and just organize stuff that way. But you still  have S-T-U-F-F. There are however, two concepts that seem to stick with me.

#1 You shouldn’t keep it if you don’t love it/can’t live without it.

Well that’s nice for normal people, but for an artist – that’s a challenge. I am inspired by anything pretty with lots of color and texture!! I am an ARTIST. We LIVE for this stuff! I am slowly adapting to this though. I have weeded my book collection down seriously. I donated them to my library of course. Same with DVDs. If I want it, I can borrow it from the library!

#2 Try to remake or reuse something you already have to avoid bringing more items into the home.

Well I have really mastered spray painting frames and baskets.

Alright, let’s get serious-

I have made one MAJOR decision – I AM GOING DIGITAL – photos, documents etc. I spent most of the Winter scanning my documents, negatives and slides. It was so nice to revisit these images that have been locked away in the attic. Once they were scanned the originals were destroyed. I cannot describe the feeling of destroying negatives & slides. It’s like a bad stomach ache. 12 bags of shredded and destroyed items have left this house. I think I have finally accepted it. Now I can access these images anytime on the computer instead of wondering what box that negative was in.

Did I mention we live in a 512 square foot cottage? After numerous trips to Big Sisters this house is slowly becoming emptier. It feels good. We have replaced furniture with exercise equipment in hopes to lead a healthier lifestyle. So far, it is working. We are feeling pretty inspired!

90s Nostalgia

90s…90s… 90s…

I never thought I’d say this but…

I’m sick of this 90s nostalgia!

I was slightly intrigued Girl Meets World. But one or two episodes were enough!


I was VERY excited about the Fuller House premiere! I binge-watched the entire first season and I think I have had enough. I remember reading Jodie Sweetin & Candace Cameron’s books year ago and I feel like the reunion should have happened THEN, before all this 90s nostalgia hit the scene.

I wonder what is next. Family Matters? Sister, Sister? Perfect Strangers?
We shall see!!


Fuller House

I cannot believe I am blogging about this but….


Hi, my name is Kristin and I am a 90s nostalgic addict.
(Hi Kristin!)

I read somewhere on the Internet, many moons ago, that a Full House reunion was in the works. Full House was one of my favorite shows in the 1990s.  I always looked forward to Friday nights (remember the TGIF lineup on ABC?) I have always been fascinated with shows revolving around large families (guess this is why I have been addicted to Jon & Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids & Counting!)

Fast forward to February – Netflix released the entire series on Friday February 26th. I finished all 13 episodes over the weekend and LOVED IT. I think they did a great job. I do hope they film another season.

Now that it is over, I am watching al the old episodes on DVD, which I am donating to my local library. Hoping some young children will discover the show and love it as much as I do!