Month: March 2016

The Librarian Effect

Tonight I attended the book club at Rogers Free Library.  We read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Well what an amazing book it was! There were a little over 10 attendees tonight, all of whom loved the book. At… Read More

Never Say Never..

That is what my mother always told me. NEVER….SAY….NEVER! I had some pretty tough rules before we brought this dog home. #1 I was not going to be one of those dog owners who let’s the dog sit on the couch. This… Read More

A Mother’s Love

I am scanning the LAST box of photos. I cannot believe this crazy trip down memory lane! I just came across my Junior Prom photos. I am thinking about that year now. Was in 1998?1999? Who can remember? My parents worked very… Read More

Organization…Simple Living…

A few years back I picked up this small book at my library. It was a great little inspiring read. Jump to a few years down the road, and it’s on my mind again. Now that I am married and we’ve decided… Read More

90s Nostalgia

90s…90s… 90s… I never thought I’d say this but… I’m sick of this 90s nostalgia! I was slightly intrigued Girl Meets World. But one or two episodes were enough! I was VERY excited about the Fuller House premiere! I binge-watched the entire first… Read More

Winter Go Away

Can’t wait for warm weather so Pearl can run like this again!    


Fuller House I cannot believe I am blogging about this but…. FULL HOUSE IS BACK!!! Yippee!! Hi, my name is Kristin and I am a 90s nostalgic addict. (Hi Kristin!) I read somewhere on the Internet, many moons ago, that a Full House… Read More

Photos by Jonathan Beller

I cannot remember when year these were taken (probably right after I graduated college, so circa 2006?? I also cannot remember how I met Jonathan, but he said he was interested in photographing me. He was interested in all these crazy faces… Read More


Found these old images on my backup drive. Took these in 2009 at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. Funny, there were so many pretty flowers there but these are the photos I chose to take.