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img022The Scanning project 2016 continues

I have done an IMMENSE amount of scanning this winter. I am grateful to have an office where I can escape from it and leave the mess behind! SO far I have managed to scan most of my life (I am 33). Now I am scanning the photos I shot in Photo I at Rhode Island College. I clearly remember my first assignment:

Walk 2 miles and shoot 6 rolls of film. 

I nearly fainted when I heard that. How could someone possible shoot 6 rolls of film?! That is 144 exposures???!!! But shortly after the assignment, I figured out why. It is amazing to print a contact sheet and watch the progression of images. It was good practice for LEARNING. (Oh did I mentioned this was all darkroom, and I developed my negatives, contact sheets and photos all by hand?)

That was by far my favorite course in college. Here are some of the images. Most were taken in Bristol, RI sometime in the early 2000s. I did not have time to edit these so they are what they are…

Hope you enjoy!

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