Grandma A

I took these shots of my grandmother when she was in the nursing home circa 2002/2003.
I was doing a family portfolio for my Photo 2 class. I was busy photographing my young cousins, pregnant cousins and then I got to thinking about the circle of life. So I started to photograph the oldest family member at the time, Grandma A.

She was a bit feisty and quite into herself (sorry grandma, it’s true)
Her passions were great clothes, RED LIPSTICK,  jewelry, music, tea and later in life – The Price is Right. While I wasn’t very close with her, I still felt a loyalty to her.  She was a character.
I must get that from her…

She passed away in 2003, shortly after I took these photographs. I am glad I invested my time taking these. Also so glad I rediscovered them while scanning all these negatives.

I remember clearing out her house so we could put it on the market. I found all sorts of treasures and immense amount of photos. I photographed her jewelry box as I sorted through it, piece by piece. I’ve included some of those photos here.

For some reason, I brought my camera to her wake. At that time I was accustomed to carrying the camera everywhere for school. Most assignments including shooting 6-7 rolls a film at a time. Don’t ask what possessed me, but I decided to take photos at the wake (tastefully of course). I felt like it was a way to finish my portfolio and mark the end of a life cycle.

Just to warn you, before you proceed, there are photos of her in a casket.

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