After going through all my old art work from college, I decided I need to get back into making art! I bought a sketch pad and pencils at Michaels, hoping to get inspired. I decided to try and draw my dog. Looks like she couldn’t sit still long enough- I ended up with three unfinished drawings! Oh well!


In my house, winter is a great time to catch up on magazines and organization!.
I was feeling a bit inspired this morning and rearranged some shelves in our living room.
I am trying to de-clutter a bit, which is challenging when you are inspired by every little thing!!
I changed the shelf to a more nautical theme as I dream of warmer weather!

I stacked my magazines on the coffee table so I can read them after work today. I am so thrilled to see Adele on the cover of Vogue. I just cannot wait to read the article. I also have a stack of Time magazines, which a lovely library patron always passes along to me when she is done. How nice! So grateful!

Lunch is Served!

Well, it is Tuesday and neither of us felt like making lunch! We decided to mosey on over to the Beehive Cafe for lunch. You just can’t top this place – the food, the atmosphere….
We usually order something and then trade 1/2 so we can experience more than one plate. Today we had the jerk chicken wrap special and the grilled cheese with tomato.
Their chickpeas are great and I would just love to get my hands on their salad dressing!!

Another former obsession


I took these photographs in college. This building (which no longer stands) here in Bristol, RI, used to be National India Rubber Co. There were a couple of commercial buildings located near Franklin and Buttonwood Streets. My father, mother and uncle used to work in one of these factories. We later found out that Kevin’s parents worked there as well ( but never knew each other!) They pieced together Converse Sneakers. To think CHUCKS were actually made here in little Bristol, RI! A few years back the took down all the dilapidated buildings and put some new commercial buildings and boat storage yard up. I was always obsessed with how hauntingly beautiful it looked. (I am pretty obsessed with hauntingly beautiful things). I always wanted to jump the fence and sneak inside (but I am no dare devil!)

Here is an old image of the building:s-l1600

Grandma A

I took these shots of my grandmother when she was in the nursing home circa 2002/2003.
I was doing a family portfolio for my Photo 2 class. I was busy photographing my young cousins, pregnant cousins and then I got to thinking about the circle of life. So I started to photograph the oldest family member at the time, Grandma A.

She was a bit feisty and quite into herself (sorry grandma, it’s true)
Her passions were great clothes, RED LIPSTICK,  jewelry, music, tea and later in life – The Price is Right. While I wasn’t very close with her, I still felt a loyalty to her.  She was a character.
I must get that from her…

She passed away in 2003, shortly after I took these photographs. I am glad I invested my time taking these. Also so glad I rediscovered them while scanning all these negatives.

I remember clearing out her house so we could put it on the market. I found all sorts of treasures and immense amount of photos. I photographed her jewelry box as I sorted through it, piece by piece. I’ve included some of those photos here.

For some reason, I brought my camera to her wake. At that time I was accustomed to carrying the camera everywhere for school. Most assignments including shooting 6-7 rolls a film at a time. Don’t ask what possessed me, but I decided to take photos at the wake (tastefully of course). I felt like it was a way to finish my portfolio and mark the end of a life cycle.

Just to warn you, before you proceed, there are photos of her in a casket.