Month: February 2016

After going through all my old art work from college, I decided I need to get back into making art! I bought a sketch pad and pencils at Michaels, hoping to get inspired. I decided to try and draw my dog. Looks… Read More

In my house, winter is a great time to catch up on magazines and organization!. I was feeling a bit inspired this morning and rearranged some shelves in our living room. I am trying to de-clutter a bit, which is challenging when… Read More

This Dog Of Ours…

This has got the be wackiest photo of my dog’s face!

Lunch is Served!

Well, it is Tuesday and neither of us felt like making lunch! We decided to mosey on over to the Beehive Cafe for lunch. You just can’t top this place – the food, the atmosphere…. We usually order something and then trade… Read More

Another former obsession

  I took these photographs in college. This building (which no longer stands) here in Bristol, RI, used to be National India Rubber Co.┬áThere were a couple of commercial buildings located near Franklin and Buttonwood Streets. My father, mother and uncle used… Read More

Where it All Began

This was the FIRST EVER photo I took without my wig on. This photo (and some encouragement from my photography professor) led me to begin my journey of acceptance of having Alopecia. Scanning this photo just gave me whiplash! WOW!

Grandma A

I took these shots of my grandmother when she was in the nursing home circa 2002/2003. I was doing a family portfolio for my Photo 2 class. I was busy photographing my young cousins, pregnant cousins and then I got to thinking… Read More

The Darkroom Process

This isn’t really a special picture but I think it represents the process of the darkroom – from film to print; beginning to finished product. It is so gratifying to shoot, develop and print your own photographs! I am sad many will… Read More

Thames St Condos

From Factory to Condos In the early 2000s an old factory building in Bristol, RI was converted to, well, some pretty pricey condominiums. Thankfully the architects decide to save the facade of the building. I remember how haunting the deconstruction was. Here… Read More

The B&W Archives..

The Scanning project 2016 continues I have done an IMMENSE amount of scanning this winter. I am grateful to have an office where I can escape from it and leave the mess behind! SO far I have managed to scan most of… Read More