Month: December 2015

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse I just finished watching the new documentary about Winehouse titled “Amy.” What a heart-wrenching film! This woman had an unbelievable raw talent┬áthat was wasted away by drugs, alcohol and bulimia. I highly recommend this film: After I watched it I… Read More

Talented New Family!

Here are some lovely pieces from my new sister-in-law (well my husband’s sister-in-law) – all the same to me! Check out her Etsy page! The third photo is my favorite – Sue took some flowers from our centerpieces and pressed them into… Read More

New Backpack!

Love the new LL Bean backpack from my husband! I think the best part is the new feature – the headphone holder in the front pocket! So cool!

True Love Is…

Everyone has their own definition(s) of what love is. ┬áHere’s one… Today I went to CVS to get my husband deorderant since he is down for the count with his chopped up finger. Running around, looking up and down the aisles I… Read More


I don’t think I have ever felt THIS overwhelmed. And it is a GOOD overwhelmed of course. We recently had our wedding announcement published in the Bristol Phoenix. I really just did it so my parents could enjoy it. They do enjoy… Read More

Recycled Wrapping…

  Recycled Wrapping & Origami Money Hearts